Where Do I Begin?


   As you start to explore special education options for your special needs child,

did you know...


 * You will need professional help in negotiating with the school.

 * The school may try to deny you services.


* You'll need a team to help you, don’t try to go it alone.

* You'll need to research available services on your own. You'll need to learn the lingo of special education; it has its own nomenclature.


 * At times you will feel very alone.


* It's a huge mistake to go to your school for help without being prepared.


logomapsmall2* The law doesn’t protect you as much as you think.

* The sooner you get help, the better.


As you begin this special education journey, you need to have a plan. The emotions and anxiety associated with special needs diagnosis can cause parents to frantically run in many different directions. The Map is a great tool to help you plan out your journey. It offers specific, sequential steps to take to ensure that your special needs child is receiving all the services guaranteed by federal law.


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