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The Truth About Special Education


All across the country, school districts are under enormous financial pressure. Tax receipts are not matching expenditures and administrators are looking for ways to cut budget costs. One focus of budget cuts is special education, and you'll need to have a solid strategy in place to be sure you get the services the law guarantees. Federal law is supposed to guarantee special-education services for all children who duly qualify.  The laws are written quite forcefully and clearly spell out the rights and protections of special needs children.

However, in practice the implementation of these laws can be quite sporadic depending on the individual school system. Sometimes the problem is school administrators not being up to speed on special education law. Sometimes it's a deliberate attempt to deny special education services in order to save money; which was our experience. In fairness to school administrators, some of these federal laws were put into place without providing federal funding. So the law dictates what the states have to provide, without providing any federal money to the states for implementation.  However, lack of federal funding is not an excuse for denying special education services.


Parents need to understand these realities if they wish to the proper level of support for their special needs child.  Many times the school system will fight you, not try to help you.  It's an uncomfortable truth and most people aren't talking about it.  Parents need to be warned!


If you want to get an inside look at what's really going on behind the scenes in special education, please take a look at the video above.  While it certainly contains some humor, the underlying tactis used by the school are real.  We heard these responses from our school system, in some cases word for word.  Believe us, it isn't at all funny when you are going through it.  Watch the video above...


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