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Glossary of Terms  

   These are special education terms you should become familiar with.  It's important to understand the vocabulary of the special education world.


Book Recommendations

 These are books we have personally read and recommend some of the books are entirely devoted to special education, while some offer great insights into raising a special needs child. Each book will have a short description.    

Stories from Parents

 These are stories from special needs parents giving a man on the street perspective. These parents are letting you know what really goes on behind the scenes. 


Stories from Teachers

 Stories from the teacher's perspective dealing with special education parents and students.  Some teachers discuss the pressure they are feeling from school administrators.


Basics of Special Education

An introduction to some of the foundational concepts of special education and special education law.


Special Education Articles

A few select articles from newspapers and blogs on special education. The articles gives a pretty good representation of the public perception of special education students.


State by State Statutes

You will need to become familiar with the laws of your individual state.