About Us

We are Jonathan and Tina McCabe, and we have been advocating for our 16-year-old special needs son for the last eight years. We first saw significant signs of potential learning disorders when our son was in third grade, and thus began our negotiations with the school. Our battles and negotiations with the school district have continued right up to his current grade as a sophomore in high school. While we are not experts, we have certainly learned a great deal advocating for our son over the last eight years.

Additionally, Jonathan has successfully transitioned his career path to become an educational advocate serving the Greater Nashville area. He has completed Wrights Law advocacy training and a 56 hour Advocacy course conducted by the Federation for Children of Special Needs. www.fcsn.org

We love our special needs son dearly, and despite the many bumps in the road we refuse to give up. He's a great kid who is wired differently, and his disabilities are not his fault. When asked in the fourth grade for three wishes, his first wish was to be normal like all the other little boys. Through a lot of love and hard work, we feel confident that he will become a fully functioning member of society in his adult years.



About the Site


What the Site is:

• A parent to parent site for navigating the special education maze.

• A site deliberately designed to be less technical than many of the sites you will find on the Internet with respect to special education.  Some of the sites assume that you already know the nomenclature and processes associated with special education, and my wife and I didn't know a thing. 

• A forum to hear and share parents stories.